We Clear Blocked Drains Quickly


From simple rodding of drains to high pressure water jetting our experts are equipped to carry out on the spot unblocking of your drains.  Our vehicles carry an extensive range of equipment to get the job done and quickly resolve your blocked drain problem

Because we are time efficient and our staff are well trained this saves on time which is great because if we can to get to a resolution quickly this also save on money too for you the customer. By choosing LMR Drainage & Plumbing  you can be assured of great value for money high quality service.

Your Local Drain Repair Company in North Wales

LMR Drainage & Plumbing are a local company based in North Wales and offer fast efficient and a best quality service to domestic, local authority and commercial customers.  We have been serving customers thoughout North Wales for many years and provide a quality services at an affordable cost.

CCTV Structural Drainage Survey

We have fully trained surveyors to industry standard OS19x, which mean that all our surveys are carried out to the highest of standards in the industry.

CCTV Drain surveys are ideal for not just diagnosing drain problems but to check for any potential future issues which could prove expensive to remedy.

·         Drain surveys when buying a new property

·         Surveys to diagnose drainage system failures

·         Structural reports to see if quality or age of drainage system

·         Report to determine if drainage system is suitable for use

We Find The Problem Fast

A CCTV survey is a quick and inexpensive way to quickly diagnose the precise location of a drain blockage.

There are many reasons a drain can become blocked from simple build up of grease or sludge, tree root ingress or a drain collapse.  With a drain CCTV survey our drainage experts can get to the source of the problem and advise on the best cause of action to remove the blockage.

Once diagnosed it could be something as simple as a high pressure water jetting to remove the blockage and clean the insides of the drain pipes.

In worst case scenario and the drain is cracked, fractured or there is a hole in the drain pipe we still have no-dig drain repair options.  No dig drain repair is an ideal solution to fix the drain in place without the need for excavation.

Full Reports & Video Footage

Our CCTV surveys not only get to the problems fast so we can diagnose the problems, we can offer a DVD of the CCTV footage to our customers so you can see for yourself the drainage problems.  We are a local company and believe is transparency, and CCTV is a great way for us to show our customers, be it domestic or commercial see the current condition of the drainage system and any the issues without lengthy and expensive excavation.

The CCTV footage also gives us a very detailed view of what is happening inside the drain and our experts may be able to spot something that can be remedied quickly with preemptive maintenance, that otherwise in time could lead to a potentially expensive repair.

Drain Repair

LMR Drainage & Plumbing services are your first call if you have issues with damaged or leaking drains.  There are many tell tail signs of a blocked drains or damaged drains from leaking pipes, bad smells and odors, backed up toilets, sinks, baths and showers.  In worse cases blocked or damaged drains can cause a health risk where the sewage seeps into the local environment.

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