LMR Drainage & Plumbing services are your first call for installation and maintenance of soakaways for septic tanks and surface water.  An effective soak away is key to an efficient drainage system for surface water and for septic tanks and cesspits.

Our drainage experts can design and advise on how to achieve an effective soak away system designed to your specific requirements and most importantly to current regulations.

Blocked Soak Aways Repair

Blocked soak aways can cause a backup of the waste water causing gardens and outdoor areas to become soaked and in some cases flooded.  LMR Drainage & Plumbing Services can diagnose the point of blockage and address the issue to allow water to soak away effectively.

An ineffective or damaged soak away from septic takes can cause health and safety issues and can lead to raw sewage to pool above ground.  If you have any of these issues please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Our drainage experts are at hand to come up with solutions to remedy the worst of damaged soak away systems.

Soak Away Installation

We offer a full ground works service throughout North Wales and areas of Chester and the North West too.  Our drainage exports can survey your property and come up with an effective drainage system to efficiently remove all the excess surface or drainage water to the soak away where the water gets dispersed.

Our Services

·         New soak away design and installation

·         Soak away, septic tank, treatment plant and drainage maintenance services

·         Repair of damaged or ineffective soakaways

·         Domestic and Commercial Projects undertaken

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